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Certified Life Coach and Psychic Consultant
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For over 40 years, Lori Niell has lived both here in the physical realm and also with one foot on the Other Side, dedicated to helping others connect with their Higher Selves/Soul and find the answers they’ve been seeking. Read testimonials from Lori’s clients below, or share an experience of your own.
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Mike Glasgow said:   November 25, 2013 3:02 pm PST
Personal knowledge over 40 years. I know her whole family as well. She radiates energy and caring. Her aura is always bright in vivid blues and greens. What makes her exceptional is her ability to be Empathic and act as a medium to the energy of others, past, present, future. Her uniqueness is apparent within the first three minutes. Your whole being becomes at peace in her presence. We often share insights and I appreciate her sayings and insightful comments. I know you will also. M. A. Glasgow of Spring, Texas.

Jessica Williams said:   November 25, 2013 2:58 pm PST
She is very understanding and gives excellent advice. Never leaves a question unanswered. She is an amazing coach.

Kristin Bricker Flannery said:   November 21, 2013 11:58 am PST
Lori's gift is truly a gift that keeps giving and giving. Her ability to share insights from our higher selves and from loved ones who have crossed-over bring forgiveness, clarity, hope, love and even challenges to truly seek and embrace our life's purpose. Thank you for living in the light so that others may see.

Desiree Pelser said:   November 2, 2013 4:17 pm PST
I would highly recommend consulting with Lori if you have had someone pass that still has messages for you from the “other side”. My Mother- in-Law passed very suddenly and unexpectedly at a relatively young age. In my particular case, my Mother-in-Law approached Lori as a conduit to help me and my family manage through the residual chaos left after her passing. Lori remained objective, unbiased and empathetic as she channeled and passed on critical messages and confirmations on to me. She relayed information that resonated with my situation, that were personal to my family and that only my Mother-in-Law could have known. I have absolutely no doubt that my Mother-in-Law was communicating to me through her. As a result of the consultation, I have been able to put closure on many unanswered questions related to her death and have been able to better help and nurture the immediate family through the journey of loss. Many thanks to Lori for the “gift” she gave me and my family. Desiree Pelser

S William Joseph D said:   October 26, 2013 12:39 pm PST
One thing to be noted is that Lori is not like other psychics , because she contacts the higher self and it (at least for myself) was a very different sort of experience from the average 'psychic' . . her abilities clearly go far beyond that .. I had unusually strong emotions during the phone conversation , which was an indication to me that my higher self was very present .. I felt the same thing just reading about her near death experiences . So whether it is a past life connection , or something else , I just know she is 'special' when it comes to her gift .. and she maintains a friendship connection with her clients , which I think demonstrates her integrity as a life-coach , and support group . I call her a 'soul-whisperer' because that is a truer description of her gift . her confidence in the divine is true , and I believe it stems from her near death experiences . . she helped me to realize what i was supposed to be doing , which was writing , instead of what I was doing , because I was too afraid to accept my true path at the time and I doubted myself . She gets to the heart of the matter , and she has a kind of 'no-nonsense' approach which i believe is thorough and effective . I believe she can help others to get in touch with their destined paths as well . I think anyone whom needs reassurance from their own higher self will benefit from getting in touch with her .

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